Jewelry Care

Can you wear your jewelry in the ocean? Short answer: ABSOLUTELY. Long answer: see below :)

It is inevitable that the jewelry I make will dull or tarnish over time. The only jewelry that this would not occur to is solid gold. In an effort to maintain the shine and beauty of your jewelry, follow the care instructions below :) 


Going for a swim?

Totally okay! Feel free to leave your jewelry on while you're in the ocean. I do not advise wearing your jewelry in the pool - chlorine is a harsh chemical and can cause damage to your jewelry.

If you do wear your jewelry in the ocean or in a pool, remember to wash your jewelry in warm, sudsy water afterwards and dry it with a soft, absorbent towel. 

If you go in the ocean and you don't wash your ring off after, when the ocean water dries it will leave the salt from the water on your ring. This often looks like a green or blueish tint to the border of your ring. This can be removed with the polishing pad or with a toothpick. Don't worry - it's not tarnish! It's just the salt :)

Working out?

In an effort to keep your jewelry safe and unbroken, it’s best not to exercise in your jewelry. If you do workout in your jewelry, it's best to rinse your jewelry after just like you would if you were to go swimming. 

Jewelry looking a little dull?

This is natural over time. If your ring or necklace isn’t as shiny as it used to be, you can use the polishing pad that was included in your order to bring that shine back. Lost the polishing pad? No worries - you can use warm, sudsy water and a scratch free cloth to buff it back up.

Not wearing your jewelry?

Store it in a dry environment (not your bathroom!). The original packaging is a great way to keep it safe.


*please note:

Sterling silver will tarnish much faster than 14kt gold fill. When silver and moisture mix together it causes oxidation (fancy term for silver darkening or turning black/grey). To prevent this, if your silver gets wet, try to dry it off asap! The longer it sits with the moisture and the air, the quicker it will darken the silver. BUT if you have the polishing cloth that was included in your order you can use that to buff it back to its shiny silver :)