How To Buy

Honey Blue has moved to *ready to ship* drops!


collection with Keiko Jewelry

Lo releases a handful of one of a kind jewelry pieces to her website at least once a month. 

Wondering about the shell ring? Scroll all the way down :)


What is a drop?

A drop is when Lo makes a handful (5-50) of pieces and releases them to the website at a designated date and time. Another way to think about the drops is to consider them 'collections'. 

When do drops happen?

There is at least one drop every month. Sometimes there will be two!
The best way to know about upcoming drops is to look out for announcements on Honey Blue's IG. All the info about upcoming drops can be found on my IG page. 

What is included in the drops?

Each drop is different! Lo will usually announce ahead of time (on hb's IG) what she is planning on making for the drop. 

How do we purchase from a drop?

All the pieces will be uploaded to the drop page on the website. The website will be closed leading up to the drop, and it will open when the drop becomes live. 

Do you do custom pieces?

Occasionally Lo will take on custom pieces. The best way to know if to check this page.

I see a piece on your IG that you don't have on your website - how do I buy it?

Because all pieces are one of a kind - you can never buy the exact piece you often see on HB's IG. The best way to make sure you get a piece you want is to keep an eye on her website and IG. She will announce drop dates and details to her stories and feed posts as soon as she has them planned out. 

I see a shell ring that I can't find on your website - where can I buy it?

That is the classic HB ring you see! Lo has made this piece for almost 4 years now and has just recently removed it from being 'made to order' on her website. Moving forward, the classic HB ring will only be available in the drops mentioned above. *Lo plans on having a classic HB ring drop this summer - keep an eye on her IG to see when!*

Still have questions? Feel free to email Lo at