How do I know my ring size?

I offer ring sizers in my shop. Click here to purchase one (with free shipping). 


How long will it take for my order to ship?

Honey Blue Jewelry is handmade. This means that I make each piece by hand from start to finish! Please see current production times to have an idea of when your order will ship.

Your order will ship through USPS. See estimated delivery times during checkout. 

*please note: paying for an upgraded shipping option does not increase production time. it only expedited the time post production for shipping.*

*U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail products and First-Class packages may require more time to be delivered due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) impacts to the United States.


Tracking A Package

Once your order leaves my hands, please contact USPS or UPS for any updates regarding the status of your shipment. At that point it is out of our hands and all we can do is check the tracking number which we have already provided you with.


Tracking information states package has been delivered but it is not:

Once a package has been marked as "Delivered", there is nothing we can do. Please contact your local post office to further inquire about the packages' whereabouts. 


Is your jewelry ocean safe?

YES! All Honey Blue Jewelry is ocean safe. Please keep your jewelry out of chlorine. 

However, after you take your jewelry into the ocean be sure to rinse it off. If you don't rinse off after getting in the ocean, the salt will solidify on your ring and form a nice green layer of salt around the edges. Did this happen to you? Don't worry! It's an easy fix - take a toothpick or a toothbrush and gently scrub at the green salt and it should come right off. Questions? Email me!

For full care instructions, click here.

What are your rings made of?

Honey Blue Jewelry uses only high quality metals for each piece of jewelry. 

I use a mixture of sterling silver, fine silver, 14kt gold fill, and solid gold to create each piece of jewelry. These metals are high quality and will not tarnish if cared for correctly. 

Will the rings make my finger turn green?

It's very rare that the quality of metals used to make Honey Blue Jewelry will turn your skin green. If you have an existing allergy to Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill metal, you may experience a discoloration on your skin. The stain is usually a result of a reaction between your skin and the metal, and can sometimes be a reaction between the metal and something on your skin (such as lotion or oils). 

Does your jewelry contain nickel?

No. Honey Blue Jewelry chooses to use high quality metals that do not contain any nickel. 

Can you repair my jewelry?

Yes! The prices for repairs vary based on the type of repair needed and how long you've had your jewelry. 

Free Repair: within 30 days of receiving your jewelry

Discounted Repair: 1 - 6 months after receiving your jewelry. Shipping covered by customer.

Full Repair Cost: 6+ months after receiving your jewelry. Shipping covered by customer. 

If you have a ring that may need repairing, please email Lo at hello@honeybluejewelry.com with photos and a description of the repair needed. 

*I do not offer ring resizing*

*Please note that for some specialty and custom pieces, I may not have the necessary stones or materials to repair your piece. If this is the case and you are within the 30 day free repair period, you will receive a full refund. 

Do you do custom orders and designs?

Custom orders are currently closed.

Can I swim with my jewelry on?

Yes! But please don't take your jewelry into chlorine pools. Honey Blue jewelry is ocean safe, but chlorine pools have harsh chemicals that might react with the metals I use and create undesirable changes to your jewelry.

Please note that swimming in the ocean with your jewelry will speed up the tarnishing process. ALL quality metals will tarnish over time, and if you expose your jewelry to chemicals, moisture, fragrances, etc., it will speed up that tarnishing process. For the best care instructions, click here.


My sea glass has a dark spot under it. Is this normal?

Unfortunately, yes. Because sea glass has varying levels of opaqueness, when exposing your jewelry to humidity or liquid sometimes you will see spots show up under the glass. 

Naturally over time the silver used underneath your glass will oxidize (totally normal part of aging jewelry). If you have a lighter piece of glass in your jewelry, the sea glass will act like a magnifying glass code: discountthree and you'll see the oxidation underneath the glass.  

Some tips to help avoid this:

- if you have lighter glass in your jewelry (limes, peaches, pale turquoises), it would be best to keep the jewelry out of water. 

- if you do take your lighter glass in the water, rinse the jewelry off after water exposure. Following the rinsing, try to leave the ring placed upside down to let any excess water that may have made its way under the glass to come out. 

- do not store your lighter colored sea glass jewelry in any area where there is moisture (bathroom, shower, near sinks, etc.).